The Brand

… our new collection, fashion, love, you and me, the latest trend! Whether it’s a night of long talks with friends, serious discussions, simple chitchat, or conversation about the latest fashion trends, art, culture, politics, love - talking about something brings people together. “Come on, let’s talk” often kicks off intense dialog. Social media has opened up a whole new world of communication – fast, digital, visual. It has broadened our ways of talking with each other while giving personal discussions more value than ever before. Fashion is communication. Your style is your guiding light for making your own fashion statements and creating your own individual look. That’s why our new brand is called “talkabout.”

The Collection

Is it special occasions that define our lives? No – at least, not exclusively! It is life in all its intensity that defines our every day. And it is the feeling a woman has as she makes decisions day after day standing before her wardrobe. Cool, cozy, relaxed, trendy, elegant … Having one vibe, and maybe layering on another. Why not?

Our talkabout design team creates an individual selection of about 15 pieces every month – making 12 collections every year. For us, this means the allure of shopping is rejuvenated every four weeks. And for our select retailers, we started the season off with current highlights and some basics always tailored to the special needs of the month.